A note about our blog name

I racked my brain for hours about what I should name the blog, as there is an insane amount of travel blogs already out there and as such most travel related blog names are taken. I came up with this when thinking of the old saying,

First comes love, then comes marriage..

Chris and I are asked on an almost daily basis when we are going to settle down, get married, and start popping out kids. While this path is the right one for many of our friends and family members, it is not the one for us, yet. We find it uncomfortable at times to answer these questions as we are not the “norm” for our age. Reflecting on all of this made me smile and think to myself that the saying that fits our relationship best is:

First comes love, then comes travel.

And from that came a very fitting blog name to describe Chris and I and our current lifestyle. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I know I am going to enjoy writing it!

New Trip, New Blog

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new and (much) improved blog! For those of you who didn’t follow us on our last adventure I will give you a bit of a backstory as to who we are, and then introduce our next trip.

Chris and I left just over a year ago for our first backpacking trip. We spent four months backpacking through South America, making our way overland through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. This trip challenged and inspired us in ways we didn’t even know were possible. We met the most amazing people along the way, several of which have become some of our closest friends in the world. In essence, we felt more alive than we had ever before in our lives.

We returned to Canada on Christmas Eve as a surprise to our families, and shortly thereafter we both began one year contracts. In the months following our return to Canada we went through what is known as reverse culture shock. We had to readjust to life in Canada, as well as adjust to a new apartment, new jobs, and the most difficult adjustment of all, the monotonous aspect of full time jobs. I know that is comical to say as we are still in the “honeymoon” years of our new careers, but you have to appreciate we went from exploring an entirely foreign part of the world where everyday was new and we were free to do absolutely anything and everything we pleased, to the 9-5 grind. Needless to say we struggled with this. We continued to feel like something was missing, and  we just couldn’t quite grasp that this was “it” for us. We discussed on a daily basis what we were going to do about how we were feeling, and ultimately we decided that we had to travel again. As the famous quotation states;

             My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home for very long.

It was decided we would travel again, but that raised many more questions that answers. When? Where? For how long? Ultimately, we wanted to go everywhere and see everything. We asked each other, is that even possible? If not, how do we chose where to go? Luckily, one of our closest friends Rohan is getting married in India, which locked down one location for us. We continuously struggled with choosing where to go from India, and for how long to go for. Eventually, we arrived at the idea of an around the world trip. (If you can’t chose- go everywhere!) This begged the question, how long will we need to see and do all we want? More importantly, how long can we afford to go for? After much research into countries and cost per day of travel, and approximate estimates of plane tickets, we arrived at our decision: A one year, round the world backpacking trip beginning sometime in January.

That leads us to this blog. We are still very much knee deep in the planning phase of our trip, but I wanted to start the blog during this to document how we are going about planning such a massive trip, in hopes it may be helpful to someone someday. I hope you can all join us through the process of planning, and then while we are on the road.