Where oh where are we headed tomorrow?

I know the end of the last post was a cliff-hanger, so I will end the suspense and reveal where we are headed tomorrow.


We are heading to Venice, Italy for the kick-off of Carnivale!

This of course was not in our original plan as Italy is quite out of our budget. However, when we discovered that the dates aligned when we were close to the area (Pula is a 6 hour bus ride away) we knew we had to go. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we certainly did not want to pass up. We are going to catch the opening parade down the Grand Canal which is on the evening of the 31st as well as the morning of the 1st, with the opportunity to try typical Venetian dishes on the 1st. After that, things really slow down and don’t get geared back up until the 7th-17th, which is the main part of Carnivale. Prices absolutely skyrocket during this time (the hostel we are staying at is $16 dollars more expensive per night during these dates) as well as the dates do not really fit in to our itinerary. We are hoping we will experience all the positives of Carnivale, while avoiding some of the negatives by going for the first few days.

I will keep you updated on our ability to travel on a tight budget in Venice, which is known as a place of exorbitant prices.

Furthermore, we were able to find a very cheap flight through Rynair on the 4th from Venice to meet up with my best friend Monica and her lovely boyfriend Christoph in Germany. This was an added bonus to catching the opening days of Carnivale. We have a few very exciting weeks ahead!


Slovenia Budget

Goal pp/d: $40 CAD

Number of days spent in country: 5

Daily average pp/d: $40.40 (our most expensive country so far!!)

Cheap things: Groceries (compared to all other things in this country, still more expensive than other countries)

Expensive things: EVERYTHING!!!! Especially transport, eating out, accomodations, entrance to caves.

Don’t get me wrong, Slovenia was amazing. For the price we paid (especially considering this is off-season) it was a little more than we anticipated.

Hungary Budget

Goal pp/d: $40 CAD

Number of days spent in country: 5

Daily average: $30.71 CAD

Cheap things: Wine!!, groceries, accommodation, sights (most things you walk around for free), ruin pubs

Expensive things: Restaurants (we could not find any cheap eats! Cooked the entire time), thermal baths (make a day of it)

Poland Budget

Goal pp/d: $40 CAD

Number of days in country: 6

Daily average: $32.68

Cheap things: Wine, Beer, Apple Cider, Dumplings, Accomodation, Transport, Groceries

Expensive things: Restaurants, Beer at specialty beer pubs

Overall Poland was VERY affordable.

Czech Republic Budget

Hi everyone!

I thought I would try to make finding our daily budget per country easier to find so I have created a budget page. I will post the figures to both this page and the country page. All figures will be in Canadian Dollars.

Our goal for Czech Republic: $40 CAD per person per day (pp/d)

Number of days spent in country: 4

Daily average: $31.27 pp/d

I will also recap what we found cheap or expensive in each Country. For the Czech Republic, beer was very very cheap. Groceries were also cheap. Transport within country was very reasonable. Entrance to Museums, the castle, etc was expensive for our daily budget.