Sri Lanka: Budget

Number of days spent in country: 20

Goal daily budget pp/d: $25 CAD

Actual daily expenditure pp/d: $27.39

Things that were expensive: Entrances fees! The majority of our budget was blown on the several $30 USD entrances fees to the major ruin sites. Accommodation was also more expensive than we were anticipating, but it was excellent quality.

Things that were cheap: Transport, food at stalls

Nepal: Budget

Number of days spent in country: 17

Goal daily budget pp/d: $25 CAD

Actual daily expenditure pp/d: $33.78

Things that were expensive: Due to the petrol shortage transport was almost double or triple the normal price, driving our cost per day up. We also splurged quite a bit after our hike which would account for the higher daily budget.

Things that were cheap: Our daily expenditure while hiking was extremely cheap as we did it without a guide or porter (see my post on Nepal for daily figures)

India: Budget

I haven’t posted our budget figures in ages, I am going to try and get caught up now!

Number of days spent in country: 49 days

Goal Daily Budget pp/d: $25 CAD

Actual expenditure pp/d: $28.63

Things that were expensive: transport (cost is much higher than we anticipated and a pain to organize), entrance fees to some ruins/forts

Things that were cheap: accommodation, food

Turkey Budget

Goal pp/d: $30 CAD (Entrance visa was budgeted outside the daily budget.The visa was $70 CAD for 3 months).

We realized quite quickly into our time in Turkey that $30 per day was just not going to be enough. We saved a significant amount of money each on rebooking a flight later in the trip so we decided to average this money out over our 37.5 (our last day was spent between Turkey in the a.m. and Jordan in the p.m.) days in Turkey to increase our budget from $30 to $34.81. It seems like an insignificant increase, but it made all the difference. We successfully managed to stick to this budget.

Actual expenditure per day: $34.81

Things that were expensive: Lodging was more expensive than other countries as they only have hostels in Istanbul and Goreme, other than that there are pensyions throughout the country which are all private rooms and usually included breakfast in the price. This made the budget a bit hard to stick to as the pensyions didn’t have cooking facilities available to guests. Booze is very expensive for obvious reasons.

Things that were cheap: The bus system in Turkey is incredible and very cheap per km. Very comfortable coach buses are used for long-haul rides and for shorter distances the minibuses will get you anywhere you need to go for basically nothing. Hiking was very cheap as the accommodation each day included breakfast and dinner and was incredibly reasonable.